Die Webinar-Reihe „CALLTalks“ des Church Action on Labour and Life (CALL) Netzwerks zum Them Thema “Gutes Leben einer digitalisierten Arbeitswelt und Gesellschaft/ Wellbeing of Digitalized Societies and Work Place” wird fortgesetzt.

Am 19. Mai findet ein weiteres englischsprachiges Webinar statt:

Webinar 4: Behind the Screen: Hidden Aspects of IT

“CALL Talks 4” in its upcoming webinar on 19 May 2021, 17.30 – 19.15 (CEST) will focus on “Behind the Screen: Hidden Aspects of IT” exploring the merging of the digital, societal and ecological transitions in the workplace, and the need for the sustainable IT charter.

The keynote speaker will be Emmanuel Laroche from the Institut d’un Numérique Responsible. Emmanuel Laroche is member of the think tank Institut pour un numérique responsible (INR) in France, which introduced a charter on sustainable development of IT. From 2014 he was responsible for energy efficiency projects and renewable energies for the industrial sites of Airbus in Toulouse, as an Energy Manager. In January 2019 he joined the Information Management team to take over the “Sustainable IT” topics (former Green IT) at European level and he is also the communication Director of the Institute of Sustainable IT.

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